About us


MARIQUITA S. YEUNG always had a dream, to share her blessings with the poor. Having lived in a climate of sharing, inspired by her late father, Martin Salimbangon, Mariquita grew up with the gift of a giving, believing that each person blessed in life has an obligation to return a part of that blessing to the world. Motivated by her desire to help, Mariquita gathered friends and relatives who shared the same vision and formulated the MSY Charitable Foundation, Inc. in 1991.

The Foundation’s initial priority was to address the need for Health services in Cebu’s most depressed areas. MSYCFI constructed health centers in these areas enabling them to use these centers to carry out various health services that were easily accessible to the underprivileged. MSYCFI then moved into making Education more available by adopting schools, granting scholarships, and building learning centers in the hope to liberate as well as empower those who have been socially neglected.

The MSY Charitable Foundation, Inc. has been able to function effectively with the help of volunteers (both medical and otherwise), other NGOs, public and private agencies because of transparency and accountability, which are essential to assure donors that precious resources go to the right recipients.


  • 1991 SEC accreditation of MSYCFI
  • 1992 1st MSY Health Center
  • 1995 Adopted Curva High School
  • 1998 1st Operation Smile, Cebu
  • 2012 15th Operation Smile, Cebu
  • 2013 Typhoon Yolanda Relief Mission


Operation Smile was founded in 1982 in Norfolk, Virginia USA. It’s purpose is to surgically repair cleft lips & cleft palates – primarily of children & young adults. To date it has changed the lives of over 110,000 children around the world.

The MSY Charitable Foundation has been hosting Operation Smile in Cebu since 1998. Over 4,000 children have benefited from these life-transforming operations in the Philippines.


MSYCFI is currently in the process of donating basic food (rice, noodles, canned goods) and water in the affected areas of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in Northern Cebu. The Foundation has been facilitating the distribution of relief packs as well as conducting Medical missions in Northern Cebu’s most depressed areas.

As soon as MSYCFI is certain that the immediate need for food and water is addressed MSYCFI will move on to PHASE II of its Relief Operations. Rebuilding homes through the ‘Bayanihan’ Spirit. ‘Bayanihan’ meaning ‘to help as a community’ in order recreate the livelihood of the people in the hope to bring life back to normality.

Mariquita Yeung

  • Founding Chairman

Monette Alino

  • Executive Director

Benhur Salimbangon

  • Congressman

Jose Antonio Quitevis, MD

  • Hematologist

Joje Z. Decal

  • Lawyer - Director

Vivina Chiu Yrastorza, MD

  • Pediatrician