Our very own Blood Hound and InHouse Spiderman

December 15, 2013: The Spiderman of MSYCFI....The Winner of finding the destroyed houses unreachable by normal humans.

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Laray Turnover

December 15, 2013: Our generous donors, Organique Acai, headed up north to turnover and help guide their adopted 10 beneficiaries in building their homes with our housing bundles. Success and happy days!!! The beneficiaries will now go on to reconstruct their old homes...

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Youth Volunteers

December 13, 2013: Our very own young volunteers! They grow up very fast and now joining big missions.. Good job team!

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Curva Housing Survey

December 13, 2013: 4 teams set out on a housing survey mission in the mountain Sitios in Curva, Medellin to find beneficiaries for our Rebuilding Homes program...100 houses found....128 more to go !

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Malapascua Beneficiary selection

December 9, 2013: The team went out to Malapascua Island to select 100 beneficiaries for the Rebuilding Homes program. We were welcomed with smiles and positive attitudes even after such a traumatizing experience...amazing to see such strength in so many different places.

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Rebuilding Homes

December 6, 2013: First stop for the Rebuilding Homes Program- 10 of our first beneficiaries will be getting their houses in a couple of days!! Target - 100 homes, 90 more to come! Thank You Organique Acai for Sponsoring the first 10 homes.

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