December 6, 2013: As we move on to the next stage of relief - Shelter Aid, We will be focusing our efforts towards those who have completely lost their homes and have been having to either make tents out of other relief donations, or who have had to find other means of shelter for the past few weeks

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Shelter Project

December 6,2013: Following two very busy weeks of distributing more than 30,000 relief packs, Yesterday marked the beginning of Phase II which will see MSYCFI provide 300 hundred new homes to families affected by Yolanda.

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Thank you Kindred Project!

November 29, 2013: Amazing update all the way from Sotogrande International School in Spain - The Kindred Project have set up an MSYCFI board in their school reception filled with all the updates from our page so that others can see!! So humbling... Bless you all!

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Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser HK

November 27, 2013: THANK YOU Jaime Ho Ku Benedict Ku, the Buzz Concepts team, and all the generous sponsors of the raffle prizes for hosting this fantastic fundraiser which is enabling us to build 40 homes!!! amazing! — at Lily & Bloom.

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Charity Sale a complete Success!

November 24, 2013: SPEECHLESS!!!!! a million THANK YOUs to Denise Ho, Jaime Ho Ku, Charlotte Chen and friends. You inspire us! you can't imagine how much this helps! Unbelievable! THANK YOU!

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Charity Sale begins!

November 23, 2013: It's on now. Typhoon Haiyan Relief sale in Hong Kong! Thank you Denise Ho for arranging this. Little Square Ground Floor 21 Square Street Sheung Wan Hk GO NOW before all the goods are gone.

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