A smile goes a long way..

We made them smile today.. Donate and help us help them.

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Bangon 4th District

Bangon "to Rise and Get up"

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More Reliefs for the North of Cebu

November 21, 2013: Another early start. We will be dropping supplies off to five villages. Apparently they haven't had any since the typhoon.

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Charity Sale in Hong Kong! Coming Soon!

November 18, 2013: More help coming our way!!!! Thank you Denise Ho, Jaime Ho Ku and friends.

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Medellin Gymnasium

November 18, 2013: Our young volunteers taking a look at the destroyed gymnasium in Kawit, Medellin during the medical mission there.

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Break time!

November 17, 2013: Time for our team to take a 15 minute break, and then back to work in full force! great team work!

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