ADOPT A FAMILY! As we move on to the next stage of relief - Shelter Aid, We will be focusing our efforts towards those who have completely lost their homes and have been having to either make tents out of other relief donations, or who have had to find other means of shelter for the past few weeks. The MSYCFI team will be creating Construction bundles worth USD$235 which will be enough to build one entire house as shown here. For every 10 houses built we will also provide materials enough to build one male and one female toilet to keep up hygiene during these desperate times. Our team will provide instructions and guidelines as long as the families help each other in rebuilding their homes, in the hope that they will eventually be able to help themselves through the "Bayanihan" spirit and rebuild their livelihood. The true spirit of "BAYANIHAN" means to help as a community.
cebu, philiipines
Friday, December 6, 2013